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Notice board:  Social programs

Rostov Diocesan Sisterhood of St. Seraphim of Sarov

Has served from January 1995 for providing nursing assistance to the patients in the Regional Military Hospital No. 1602. All this time, our sisters of mercy have nursed wounded soldiers coming from Chechnya and other hot spots without compensation. Giving the full range of nursing services and carrying out immense missionary work, we also give support to the wounded by dietary food including herbal tea with honey. Almost every day, we literary save soldiers with most severe wounds with the help of this tea and can see its beneficial effect.

Unfortunately, our sisterhood is utterly constrained financially. We desperately need funds to buy herbs. We ask all those who can respond and help us to collect herbs for us too or to share the herbs you already have. We will be very grateful to those who can send us honey.

Parcels can be sent to:

344103 Rostov-na-Donu
Sodruzhestva St. 37, Ap. 51
A. M. Belanova
Tel: (8632) 254104

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