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The Christian Interchurch Diakonal Council (CIDC) in St. Petersburg and the Youth Department of the Diocese of St. Petersburg have published a brochure with an adapted text of the Divine Liturgy and an methodological aid for Orthodox deaf-and-dumb interpreters.

The Youth Department has carried out a Slovo (word) Project for two years, working from the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul at the Hertzen State University. The aim of the project is to help restore the Orthodox tradition of spiritual care of the deaf, which existed in pre-Revolutionary Russia. The project is directed by D. A. Zavariztky, a graduate of the university's chair of deaf-and-dumb pedagogy, who is the author of the book commended here as the first educational aid for the deaf-and-dumb interpretation of the Divine Liturgy to be published in Russia. The book is intended for deaf-and-dumb interpreters, people with hearing disorders and all those interested in the subject.

The book is published with the blessing of the Most Reverend Vladimir, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga.

Inquiries and orders may be made to the CIDC office; Tel.: (812) 277-14-891 or by e-mail at res-centre@cidc.ru

Address for letters: 193 068 St. Petersburg, POB 646, CIDC (Slovo project)

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