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Notice board:  Social programs

Dear brothers and sisters!

With the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia a program called "Steps to Church" begins functioning in Moscow. It is a complex program of aid to those who suffer from dependence on drugs and alcohol and to their families. It unites the efforts of pastors of the Russian Orthodox Church and devoted lay people including physicians, psychologists, pedagogues and social workers.

The goal of the program is to bring our brothers and sisters who fell into the truly satanic captivity back to normal human life and to the fold of the Church. The program is implemented by Center of Medical-Social and Spiritual Rehabilitation "Steps to Church", an autonomous non-commercial organization.

The programs leadership:

Archpriest Alexey Baburin, a psychiatrist, secretary of the Moscow diocesan commission for relations with medical institutions, who serve in the church of Our Lady the Healer of the mental health research center at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. He is decorated with the Order of the Holy Martyr Triphon.

Hieromonk Anatoly (Berestov), Doctor of Medicine, professor, leader of the Charitable Center of St. John of Kronstadt.

Monk Cyprian (Yaschenko), Candidate of Pedagogy, dean of the chair of pedagogy of St. Tikon's Orthodox Theological Institute.

Ms. Natalia I. Shibanova, Doctor of Medicine, head of the department for narcological expertise, professor at the chair of narcology of the Moscow Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitation.

The Center will render not only complex medical, social, psychological and pedagogical aid, but also spiritual support to help transform the personality of patients, to restore their mental health and to help them acquire an experience of a full spiritual life.

Without belittling the importance of traditional rehabilitative measures, the Center will focus on initial prevention in order to create an alternative for psychedelic substances by promoting individual inclinations, beneficial leisure, review of spiritual values, improvement of the climate in the family and in the circle of friends.

The effective and stable results will be ensured by the use of the scientifically grounded complex rehabilitation programs.

Prospects and forms of introduction:

  • Setting up regional centers of medical, social and spiritual rehabilitation for narcological patients.
  • Cooperation with research institutions in developing perspective studies on narcology.
  • Publishing scientific articles, methodological recommendations and educational cycles.
  • Work to improve the program of social and spiritual rehabilitation of chemically-addicts, especially the most vulnerable groups, such as teenagers and youth.

We appeal to all those who are interested in this program. We need comprehensive support, primarily financial, as most patients are unable to pay for even minimal treatment. Secondly, we need support from governmental structures. Thirdly, we need support from relatives of those who fell under the power of drugs. Let us unite efforts around the common task to help our children to get rid of drugs and to hold healthy children from stepping into an abyss.

Telephone for inquires: 278-91-77

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