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St. Dimitry's Nursing School

plans to hold field educational readings in 2000-2001 on the theme

"Basic principles and methods of solving medical and social problems by parish visiting nurses services"

During 12 months it is planned to hold field readings in six cities Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
The themes of the hearings:
  • the importance of a visiting nurses service, its structure and functions;
  • how to organize medical and social aid at home;
  • forms and methods of giving medical and social aid to chronic patients at home;
  • basic legal questions of the organization and work of a visiting nurses service;
  • guidelines for the rehabilitation of chronic patients;
  • peculiarities of nursing elderly and neurological patients.
The readings will be held by highly qualified staff and supernumerary workers and teachers of St. Dimitry's Nursing School. Each course will last for five days, 8 hours a day, in the form of lectures, issue workshops, practical training and talks on burning problems. Educational aids on medical, social and legal issues will be distributed free.

Telephone for enquiries: 237-54-67.

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