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We are delighted to announce the coming our of

Palliativnaya pomosch. Kratkoye rukovodstvo
(A Brief Guide on Palliative Aid)

a monograph by M. E. Liptuga, I. V. Polyakov, T. M. Zelenskaya
2nd edition

According to the World Health Organizations, palliative care is intensive care of patients whose diseases are incurable. It aims to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the patient.

The book gives basic knowledge about palliative care, the necessary notions of general care, definitions and explanations of the principles of palliative care. Much attention is given to involving volunteers and non-governmental organizations in palliative care and organizing it logistically and economically.

The book is intended for Russian and foreign students, nurses, social workers, and physicians. It can also be of interest to relatives of patients who need palliative care.

The book is published under the Christian Interchurch Diakonal Council of St. Petersburg program "Palliative Care to Patients with AIDS and affected".

Copies can be obtained at:

Russia 193167, St. Petersburg
Obvodny Canal 17, CIDC
Tel/Fax: (812) 2771491
E-mail: cidc@cidc.ru

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