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Notice board:  Social programs

The Ronald MacDonald Center
for physically and mentally disabled children

The Ronald Macdonald Center invites orphaned and physically and mentally disabled children to take part in the Center's programs of sports and games.

The Ronald Macdonald Center, which opened its doors for children in Moscow and the Moscow Region in January 1996, sets itself the task to help children in social adaptation and physical fitness. It has worked out programs to encourage the physical development of children with various disabilities in motor system, mental development and suffering from oncological diseases, poor sight, etc. The programs consist of three basic elements: everyday physical exercises, games, tournaments and sports games. All lessons and services are offered free.

Additional information can be obtained from: Alexander Morozov, Basil Zenin

Krylatskaya St. 2
Moscow 121152
Russian Federation
Tel/Fax: (7095) 149-3191

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