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offers literature on spiritual approaches to the problems of alcoholism, drug-addiction and other dependencies

  1. Alcoholics Speaking About Themselves - this book contains stories told by recovering alcoholics, views held by narcologists and priests as well as materials on the history of the Alcoholics Anonymous community;
  2. To Be Free (Issues 1, 2, 3/1997 and Issue 1/1998) - the journal for those who have been hit by the problems of alcoholism, drug-addiction and other dependencies.
  3. There is a Way Out - the collection of publications on alcoholism and spiritually-oriented ways of getting rid of it for beginners;
and other publications.

This year it is planned to publish the To Live Sober series consisting of books, brochures and information sheets, the Drug-Addict Speaking About Themselves series, Everyday Reflections, and the small-format Alcoholics Speaking About Themselves series.

You can make inquiries at:

Garmonia Centre
3d Parkovaya St. 39, bldg. 5, apt. 47
105037 Moscow
Tel/Fax: (095) 165-42-60
E-mail: harmony@sonnet.ru

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