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Audio Disks with the Series of Radio Programmes History of Christian Church

The joint project "World. Man. Word" of Radio Rossii and the Russian Orthodox Church has prepared a series of radio programmes telling about the history of Christian Church. The project was blessed by His Holiness Patriarch Aleksey II of Moscow and All Russia.

Two CDs contain records made at the Radio Rossii audio studio of the state run radio channel. The themes of the recorded lectures are as follows: Pentecost, the Apostles' Evangelistic Effort, the First Century of Christianity, Martyrs and Professors, the Victory-bearer, and St Constantine, Equal-to-the-Apostles (CD1); and Finding of Objects of Worship, Origins of Monasticism, St Basil the Great, Christological Debate, Monothelitism, Iconoclast, and Prerequisites for the East-West Schism (CD2).

The project is headed by Bishop Mark of Yegorjevsk, deputy chairman of DECR, the text was written by Nokolay Lisovoy and Mikhail Pervushin.

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