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The Family World Rehabilitation and Support Foundation

Invites you to take part in the Second Russian Congress "The Family World" to take place in November 2001 in Moscow

The aims and tasks of the Congress:

  • To make an analysis of the existing problems of the Russian family and to draw to them the attention of legislators and executives, as well as public at large on federal, regional and local levels;
  • To develop approaches to the pressing family-demographical, socio-psychological, medical-social and other problems of the family and outline ways of their solution;
  • To promote a broad public discussion on urgent legislative initiatives in support of the family;
  • To generalize the positive experience in work with families and present the most interesting and effective programs and methods of this work;
  • To create the conditions necessary for broadening the cooperation of public and state structures working with families.

Please, send applications for participation in the Congress to:

Mailing address: Nikitinskaya Str. 27-1-39, Moscow 105122;

E-mail: fw@cea.ru.

Tel/Fax: (095) 163-0429

Web-site: http://www.fw.ru.

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