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The ROC Department for Religious Education and Catechism has published several books in the Spiritual and Moral Education of Preschool Children series:

Potapovskaya O.M. Education with the Help of Fairy-tale. A methodological aid for teachers at preschool children's institutions - Moscow, 2002.

The aid contains a correctional program helping preschool children to come in touch with the Russian spiritual and cultural tradition through fairy-tale, music, games and artistic activity.

Gladkikh L. P. Mum's School. A Program for Kindergartens, Family Groups and Family Clubs - Moscow, 2002.

The brochure offers a short-term program of work with parents in kindergartens, family groups and clubs. The aim of the program is to help revive the Orthodox culture of family education. It is intended for specialists in work with family, teachers and parents interested in the traditions of family education.

Potapovskaya O. M. A Gift for A Feast-day. A Program of Spiritual and Moral Education of Preschool Children through Artistic Activity - Moscow, 2002.

It is a program helping to introduce preschool children to the tradition of Russian spiritual and material Orthodox culture through artistic activity. The book is intended for teachers at Orthodoxy-orientated preschool educational institutions.

Alexeyeva A. S. A Methodological Aid for the Orthodox Education of Preschool Children.

This aid is intended for teachers at preschool children institutions engaged in the Orthodox education of children. It includes a model program of the Orthodox education of preschool children and methodological recommendations for this work. It's aim is to promote the development of a child's personality considering his individual characteristics and to help him find God and his own road to Him.

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