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Sunday School
The only Orthodox weekly in Russia

Every week the newspaper gives spiritual nourishment to thousands of Sunday and secular schools, pedagogical institutes, as well as believers and non-believers both inside and outside Russia. Among its subscribers are all the dioceses of Russian Orthodox Church. Among its permanent contributors are archpastors, theologians and renowned Orthodox educators.

Our rubrics: Church Feasts, Shrines of the Fatherland, Talking with a Non-church Person, Spiritual Health, Religious Life, Orthodox Pedagogy, For a Teacher of Literature, History of the Fatherland, Orthodox Perspective, In the Beginning Was the Word…, the Ways of the Lord Are Incsrutable, and many others.

The editorial board invites journalists, authors, scholars, preachers and all who are not indifferent to the cause of the religious enlightenment of society to contribute to the newspaper.

Do you want to subscribe to the Sunday School weekly?

The best way is to subscribe to it at the nearest post office, using the Rospechat catalogue. The subsctiption index is 32742.

You can also subscribe to our newspaper at the editorial department and pick it up there. Its address is Moscow, Kiyevskaya St. 24, Studencheskaya metro station. This is the cheapest way to subscribe to it. Regular subscribers are given reductions. The editorial board can also arrange for a charitable subscription for the second half of the year 2000.

May the Lord preserve you!

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