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The Pleskovo Boarding School and the multimedia center of Novosibirsk State University have prepared for test a multimedia resource called "Orthodox Culture in Russia", on CD-ROM. The aim of this educational aid is to explain the sources and origins of Orthodox culture in Russia and its place in the world culture. The resource has the following sections: Library, Museum, Study Room and Writing Book. Each section has subsections with texts and illustrations with numerous cross-references. The multimedia technology makes it possible not only to tell the story of prominent monuments of architecture, icon-painting and literature, but also to present rich artwork and to publish the necessary original texts and studies made by renowned scholars. The electronic educational aid can be used by teachers of history and literature and by instructors in the Russian Orthodox Culture course. It is also helpful for schoolchildren as the original structure of lessons and the system of all kinds of tasks make it possible for them to master the teaching material on their own.

This aid is intended for general and Sunday schools and for all those who are interested in the history of culture in Russia.

Additional information on the aid can be obtained at the Pleskovo boarding school, Tel: (095) 781-1521, and its website www.pleskovo.ru.

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