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Newsletter, July-October 2018

Trainings on "Ladya", "Living Water" and "Way to Home" programs

In June-September 2018, training seminars were held in various cities of Russia on programs for the prevention of risk behaviors and HIV/AIDS in children and youth - 'Ladya' (for teenagers), 'Living Water' (for primary schoolchildren) and 'Way to Home' (for college students).

A training seminar on "Ladya" program was held from 23 to 26 June in the church of St. Sergiy of Radonezh in Solntsevo (Moscow). The seminar was conducted by O.V. Balabanova, an Orthodox psychologist, and E.V. Znamenskaya, a counseling psychologist with many years of experience in conducting training programs. The seminar participants were teachers of Sunday and secondary schools, psychologists, social workers, trainers of workshops for youth.

A number of events took place from June to September in the city of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk Region. On June 11-15, a seminar was held on the "Way to Home" program for a group of young couples, on September 10-12, on the "Living Water" program for primary school teachers, September 13-15 (part 1) and September 20-22 (2 part) - "Ladya" program for school teachers, September 17-19 - "Way to Home" program also for school teachers. The trainers at the seminars were V. G. Afonina, psychological counselor, chair of the board of the Bryansk regional public organization "Blago" and E. M. Severina, practical psychologist, director of the MBU "Center for psychological, educational, medical and social assistance "Ladya" in Bryansk, with extensive experience in conducting seminars, trainings and consultations in various regions.

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