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Newsletter, May 2018

Training seminars on the programs "Ladya", "Living Water" and "Way to Home"

In April-May 2018 training seminars were held in various cities of Russia on programs for prevention of risky behavior and HIV/AIDS in children and youth: "Ladya" (teenagers), "Living Water" (for younger schoolchildren) and "Way to Home" (for university students).

From March 15 to April workshops were held for young couples who decided to marry, under the program "Way to Home" on the theme "Young Family Once and For All". The workshops were organized in the Registry Office Bezhitsky district of Bryansk and were conducted by V. Afonina, BROO "Blago".

On April 24-28 in the city of Vladimir the specialists of the education system (30 people, teachers from orphanages) were trained in the coaching program "Development of skills for the management of adolescent groups" within "Ladya" program. The training was organized on the basis of the Vladimir Pedagogical Institute.

In May 2018, 3 lessons were held on the program "Ladya" for pupils of orphanages and rehabilitation centers in Vladimir region. Classes were conducted with the participation of employees of the Vladimir Regional Public Organization for Combating Drug Addiction and Alcoholism "Peresvet" and volunteers from among Orthodox youth. In all sessions, teenagers were offered exercises that they performed both in groups and on their own. They participated in discussions and tests.

On May 5-9, 2018, in Arkhyz village of the Karachaevo-Cherkess Republic, a training program was held on "Ladya" program (within the XIX meeting of the Volunteers of Russia "Dobrograd-2018"). 25 volunteers and teachers-psychologists from Chechnya, Stavropol and Ingushetia were trained on the program. On May 8, within the framework of the Fair of Social Technologies a presentation was held on the programs "Ladya", "Living Water", "Way to Home"

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