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Newsletter, March-April 2017

Trainings on programs for prevention of risky behavior and HIV/AIDS

On March 6-10, 2017, a training course for teachers and psychologists on the program "Way to Home" was held in Chelyabinsk. It is aimed at prevention of risky behavior and HIV / AIDS among young people and formation of a responsible attitude towards oneself, towards future family and the upbringing of children.

The course was organized by the social department of the Chelyabinsk diocese in cooperation with the Regional Center for Social Protection "Family", the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, and the Holy Trinity Church in the Dolgoderevensky village. The training room was provided by St. George's Church in the Metallurgical District of Chelyabinsk. The training was conducted by certified specialists. Ilya Akhlyustin, a medical psychologist, and the official coordinator of the "Way to Home" program in the Chelyabinsk region took an active part in the training.

Teachers and psychologists not only from the Chelyabinsk region were trained, but also from the Yekaterinburg and Khanty-Mansiysk dioceses. Based on the results of the training, more than 20 prs. received certificates giving the right to work with the "Way to Home" program.

This program has been very popular in Chelyabinsk parishes for a long time. For example, under the Holy Trinity Church in the Dolgoderevenskoye village, a family club has been operating for two years. Volunteers of the Dolgoderevensky parish social service also conduct weekly classes in the rural club for everyone. The rector of the church, Father George Artaryan, said that the villagers like to come to them. Groups are always full, and the waiting list is full for several months ahead.

Experts believe that thanks to the "Way to Home" program, young parents (or those who are just preparing to start a family) will learn to be spiritually and physically healthy and then teach useful skills to their children. This will help to achieve great results in the prevention of socially dangerous diseases and dependence on psychoactive substances.

On March 27 to 31, a seminar was held in Magnitogorsk with elements of training on the program of primary prevention of risky behavior and HIV / AIDS for teenagers "Ladya". The trainees were Magnitogorsk teachers and schools psychologists, specialists of social institutions. The seminar was conducted by Victoria Afonina, a psychologist, chairperson of the Bryansk regional NGO "Blago".

Based on the materials on http://mitropolia74.ru http://mgn-eparhia.cerkov.ru/.

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