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Round Table Projects: Diaconical projects
Training Lay People for Home Visiting
Soup-kitchen for the Poor and the Sunday School of the Brotherhood of our Savior

Training Lay People for Home Visiting

THE PROBLEM: The home visiting system has been poorly developed in Russia, though the need for it is very acute. Home visiting and care of the sick, not only as a discipline but also as a notion, is almost absent in the curricula of state medical educational institutions. It is extremely urgent, therefore, to establish a Christian home visiting service and a system of training home visitors of the sick.

The aims of the project:

  • to organize the training of qualified home visitors,
  • to establish home visiting services in Russia.
The project has used as its base the Sisterhood of St. Dimitry. This sisterhood has been engaged in giving social and medical aid to the lonely and elderly for several years now. Since 1992 it has also run a medical college training junior and secondary medical personnel for work in hospitals.

St. Dimitry's Nursing College teachers have developed and introduced a programme for training visiting nurses, applicable to any medical educational institution. A considerable work was carried out to inform people in Russia and near abroad about the training for individual care offered by the project. Some 10.000 information leaflets were distributed and advertisements placed in newspapers and magazines. People in remote regions received the information through radio and television as well as local parishes.

The project has organized special methodological seminars, Round Tables, for lay people engaged in home visiting and for educators teaching individual care in other medical educational institutions. Among those invited to Round Tables were also well-known specialists from Russia and other countries. Round Tables were held on the following subjects: Visiting the Elderly; Nursing Oncological Out-patients, with Ms. Janis Strength, USA, a psychiatrists, Ms. Elizabeth van der Woort, Holland, a psychiatrist and physician as visiting lecturers; Visiting Chronic Invalids; Medical Training for Visiting Nurses; and General Care. After deciphering, feeding into computers and editing, the materials of Round Tables have been multiplied and used as educational aids.

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Soup-kitchen for the Poor and the Sunday School of the Brotherhood of our Savior

THE PROBLEM: The number of people living far below the poverty line is growing every day. They need the charitable help of the Church. They are lonely and old people, invalids, children from large low-income families, refugees and the homeless.

The aim of the project:

to organize a soup-kitchen to cater daily to lonely pensioners, invalids, homeless people and refugees and on Saturdays and Sundays to the pupils of the Sunday school.

The soup-kitchen has been functioning for three years now. Some 120-150 people are fed there every day. A new building has been built for the soup-kitchen and the necessary kitchen equipment has been bought. The soup-kitchen has received provision from agencies engaged in distributing humanitarian aid. Working in the soup-kitchen are volunteers from among the parishioners of St. Nicholas's Church in the territory of which it is situated. After moving the soup-kitchen to the new building, the brotherhood has used the old one to arrange celebrations for children from the Sunday school and the district. After buying equipment for a video-class, the soup-kitchen room has been used to show video-programs to the Sunday school children.

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