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"Action by Churches Together" mission:  Moldova (autumn 2008)

Aid to flood victims in the Republic of Moldova

In July 2008, the Republic of Moldova, just as her neighbouring countries, was hit by the strongest flood for the last 70 years. In the period from July 23 to 27, the elements fell upon the region in the form of heavy showers. The precipitation exceeded 2-month's norm. In some places, the water in the Dniester River, the largest in the region, rose by 7-10 meters, while the check dams, according to local authorities, were calculated for 5 meters at most. As a result the rivers, including the Dniester and Prut, as well as lakes and water reservoirs burst their banks. Water flooded cities and villages, doing a great damage to agricultural plantings - the principal source of income for local population and destroyed bridges, roads, power lines and other infrastructure facilities. The flood affected northern Moldova most of all. In that region, 46 villages were flooded and 836 houses and 10 500 hectares of agricultural land came under water. Almost one third of some crops perished. Some 8000 people became roofless, 5700 of them evacuated to temporary accommodation stations in schools, hostels and tent camps. The Moldavian authorities appealed to the international community asking to give humanitarian aid for removing the consequences of the flood.

A program of aid to the victims in Moldova who stood in the greatest need was organized under the auspices of the Moscow Patriarchate department for external church relations and with the support of Action of Churches Together, an international Christian Organization, and was implemented by Russia Round Table. It became a continuation of long-standing cooperation in giving aid to victims of various natural disasters both in various regions in Russia and outside it. The Round Table's Newsletter informed its readers about this work on a regular basis.

In implementing the program in October-November 2008 in four areas in northern Moldova, which were affected by the flood most of all, the victims who stood in the greatest need was given humanitarian aid. It included 871 packages with foodstuffs and sanitary essentials as well as 163 family domestic kits with bedclothes. The lists of those standing in the greatest need were compiled and the aid was distributed with the active participation of local authorities and parishes of the Metropolia of Moldova of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Russia Round Table Newsletter will continue informing its readers about the work to give aid to victims of emergency situations.

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