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"Action by Churches Together" mission:  Aid to victims of the flood in Khabarovsk Region (2013)

Aid to victims of the flood in Khabarovsk Region

A program of emergency aid to those who have been most affected by the flood which hit Priamurye in August-September 2013 was organized under the aegis of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations with the support of the international Christian "Action by Churches Together" Alliance and was implemented by the Russia Round Table.

It was a continuation of the long-standing cooperation in providing assistance to victims of various emergencies both in Russia and abroad. The Round Table's Newsletter has regularly informed its readers about this work.

In September 2013, aid was received by 1300 people in the city of Khabarovsk. They were given individual sanitary kits, special sanitary kits for children and women, antiseptics and clean drinking water. The lists of the beneficiaries of this aid and its distribution were prepared in close cooperation with the authorized structures of the Diocese of Khabarovsk and Priamurye and in coordination with the Department for Church Charity and Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Among the urgent actions in the areas affected by the flood, including Khabarovsk, is disinfection of the affected premises, infrastructural facilities and lands in order to prevent an outbreak of infectious diseases. Therefore, the distributed kits included antiseptics for washing household staff, tableware and hands. It is also important to point to the help given by local public organizations in implementing the project. Thus, representatives of the Union of Women of the Khabarovsk Region took part as volunteers in the distribution of kits in temporary asylums for victims in Khabarovsk.

The Khabarovsk Region is one of the most affected by the flood in the Russian Far East. According to official estimates, 2757 houses were flooded in 67 settlements with 22426 residents including 3997 children; 7407 people were evacuated from the affected areas; 71 temporary asylums accommodated 3540 people including 1758 children. The authorities have continued to compile and verify the lists of victims to be provided with a compensation for their lost property and houses from the regional and federal public funds.

The Russia Round Table's Newsletter will continue informing its readers about the aid given to victims of emergencies.

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