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"Action by Churches Together" mission:  Aid to victims of fires (autumn 2010)

Aid to victims of wildfires in Summer/Autumn 2010 in Russia continues

The emergency aid program for those who stand in the greatest need after the wildfires of Summer and Autumn 2010 in Russia was organized under the aegis of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department for External Church Relations with the support of the international Christian alliance 'Action of Churches Together' (ACT) and has been implemented by Russia Round Table.

It is a continuation of the long-standing cooperation of the Russian Orthodox Church and ACT Alliance in giving aid to victims of various natural disasters in the North Caucasus and other regions both inside and outside Russia. The Round Table's Newsletter has given regular reports on this work to its readers. The previous report was on the aid given to the homeless victims of fire in September/October 2010 in the Ryazan Region.

In October/November 2010, aid under this program was given to the homeless victims of fire in the Altai Region, where the big village of Nikolayevka was burnt down almost completely in September 2010. After the lists of the victims were finally clarified, every homeless person (1291people in total) received an individual package consisting of hygienic kits and beddings including a blanket, a pillow, bed linen, and a towel. In addition, the children of the homeless, suffering from a stress and various disorders, are provided with a free professional psychological counselling.

Special attention in implementing the program has been given to drafting the lists of the beneficiaries. The program work made it possible to compile a full list of the victims, which can be used for further aid from other sources. These lists were clarified in close cooperation with the Russian Orthodox dioceses of Barnaul and the Altai and local social services. In the previous issue of the Newsletter, the reasons were given in detail for the difficulties arising in producing the lists of victims.

It should be mentioned that at present 12 houses have been already built out of 218 houses which are to be built for the homeless on the public funds. The homeless are moving in and trying to arrange their household. In the future they will certainly need additional aid for preparing their new houses for the winter, which is expected to be very cold. These houses have to be winterized. The people will also need kitchen appliances and tableware. Apparently, the 100-200 thousand roubles (3300-6600$) they received in compensation for their lost property and farms is not sufficient. Besides, some of this money has been already used to buy furniture and household appliances, clothes, food and other essentials.

The Newsletter of Russia Round Table will continue informing its readers about the work to give aid to victims of natural disasters.

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